Common Types of Dents And Paintless Dent Repair Cost

Paintless dent repair cost doesn’t come easy. It can range from a couple of hundred bucks to thousands of your hard earned money. We have formed a list of items and their costs.

Dented Bumper

If you ask a car lover about a dented bumper, he/she will say that a dented bumper hurts more than a heart break. A bumper is part of a complex amalgamation. In order to fix the dent, technicians have to disable the lights, warning systems and airbag deployment units. Around 500$ dollars, a bumper can be repaired.

If the bumper is unrepairable, a car owner has to replace for a price around 1000 dollars.

Cracked Windshields

Windshields are the face of the car. A crack seriously affects the appeal of the car. The repairing can range easily from 50 dollars – 300 dollars. Small cracks can be fixed easily, even by you. While, large cracks call for the replacement of windshields.

Depending from model to model, the price greatly differs. Windshields are repaired under the comprehensive insurance plans.

Rear End Damage

Rear end car damages are fairly common while reversing a car. Paintless dent repair cost around few hundred dollars to more than ten thousand dollars. From a few hundred dollar cost of replacing a bumper to paying a hefty price of a damaged arm and leg of the car, the average median price comes out to be 9,900 dollars.

If someone crashed his car into your car, giving you the headache of rear end damage, his liability coverage will also pay for your expense. Your own insurance however, would help you to pay for your medicals.

Paint Scratches

Whether it be a cowardly act of street hooligans or some dumb kid’s infamy, paint scratches are pure evil. Depending the extent of damage, the paintless dent repair cost can take place from 50 dollars to 1500 dollars.

For small amount of scratches, a touch up pen of under fifty dollars can do the trick of eradicating the hideous paint scratches but the result won’t be as good as new. If you want to avail the services of a professional, your costs can range from 800 dollars to 1500 dollars. The high cost is due to high cost of auto paint, which costs about 50-300 dollars for every two ounces. It is a tedious task to match the color of damaged car to the available paints but for all its worth, it is worth the paintless dent repair cost.

Custom Paint Repairing

If you want to paint a small part of your car. It won’t cost you much. Bumper painting takes about 150-300 dollars while door painting takes about 100-500 dollars.


However, for total paint job, your cash bill might become in the range of 1000-5000 dollars. For such an impressive price, consider yourself lucky for getting a holistic paint job of your vehicle. Standard auto painting consists of two coats. First one is the “base coat” while second is the “clear coat”, which offers a touch of finesse and adds more protection to the fist coat.

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